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Passive 3D glasses

    Passive 3D glasses

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    Share a truly immersive cinema 3D experience with the whole family. These Easy 3D glasses from Philips features Oakley 3D optics for the best performance, comfort, and style. See all benefits

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Get the bigger picture

With Oakley 3D optics

  • Better light management

    Reflections can ruin a 3D entertainment experience. These lenses have cylindrical base curvature that virtually eliminates reflections, unlike “flatter” 3D lenses that fail to address the problem. Thanks for Oakley 3D optics, Philips can offer the most comfortable Easy 3D experience.

  • High-wrap curvature for best peripheral vision

    These glasses are equiped with Oakley 3D optics which have cylindrical base curvature allows a better wrappage of the glasses around a human's face. The high-wrap curvature allows better peripheral vision for 3D hence a more comfortable experience.

  • Lightweight metal frame for style and comfort

    These Easy 3D glasses are crafted from light weight metal frame. They are engineered with a three-point fit, which virtually eliminates the frustrating loose fitting of ordinary glasses.They have a stylish design with rubber arm for long hours of comfort.

  • Scratch resistant lenses for optimum durability

    The disposable 3D glasses in movie theaters are fragile and the lenses are easily scratched. The Oakley 3D optics are made of a material that resists scratches. Be assured that you are getting a level of durability that comes from decades of innovation.

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  • Health Warning:
  • If you or your family has a history of epilepsy or photosensitive seizures, consult a medical professional before exposing yourself to flashing light sources, rapid image sequences or 3D viewing.
  • To avoid discomfort such as dizziness, headache or disorientation, we recommend not watching 3D for extended periods of time. If you experience any discomfort, stop watching 3D and do not immediately engage in any potentially hazardous activity until you symptoms have disappeared.
  • Parents should monitor their children during 3D viewing and ensure they do not experience any discomfort as mentioned above. Watching 3D is not recommended for children under 6 years of age as their visual system is not fully developed yet.
  • Do not use the 3D glasses for any purpose other than watching 3D TV.
  • CHOKING HAZARD - Do not let children under 3 years of age play with the 3D glasses, they could choke on the battery lid or battery.

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