Premium cardiology ultrasound system

מצא מוצרים דומים

The EPIQ CVx is a dedicated cardiac ultrasound solution which brings significant advancements in functionality. This helps you deliver better care through higher processing power, exceptional imaging with more clarity & sharpness, improved exam efficiencies, and new robust & reproducible AIUS quantification.

Configurable user interface.

A user interface designed for cardiology

An efficient, customizable user interface that, along with Dynamic HeartModel and AutoStrain LV provides an 8% faster standard TTE echo exam with an associated 21% reduction in interactions with the system.
OLED Monitor

See exceptional image quality

The OLED provides sharp and clear visualization of cardiac anatomy due to its increased dynamic range and improved contrast ratio. Everyone can see the image, even in non-traditional environments such as OR, with the OLED’s wide viewing angle.
Dynamic HeartModel

Automation for robust, proven reproducible cardiac quantification in both 2D and 3D

Fast reproducible 2D Strain quantification for the LV,LA and RV, fully integrated and powered by TOMTEC. Full 3D quantification for volumes and functional assessment is provided for the LV, LA and RV, with Dynamic HeartModel and 3D Auto RV**. Dynamic analysis of the MV is also provided with Mitral Valve Analysis.

Photorealistic echo imaging with adjustable light source

Industry leading 3D image quality combined with photorealistic echo imaging with adjustable light source brings your 3D image alive, illuminating tissue detail and creating depth perception not achievable until now. TrueVue has been designed to enhance communication with caregivers and can hence help with more efficient device placement.
S9-2 Transducer

Pediatric PureWave Transducer

Designed for higher resolution, giving you what you need for high quality imaging and confident diagnosis for your young patients. The S9-2 is the first PureWave pediatric 2D transducer that provides a wide range of imaging capability from your tiny patient to your pre-adult population and a special one-button coronary sub-mode to allow for easy and fast evaluation of the coronaries.

Real time image alignment

Deliver fast and accurate answers in real time for device positioning and sizing during procedures. 1-click alignment of catheter within cardiac anatomy, previously not possible using manual tools. More precisely visualize the region of interest for echo guided procedures such as MV repair.
xMATRIX vascular transducer

xMATRIX vascular transducer

The XL14-3 transducer provides some unique imaging modes to aid imaging and diagnosis. Live xPlane imaging offering real time images in both the longitudinal and transverse planes simultaneously. It also offers Live xPlane Doppler capabilities which allows precise placement of the Doppler sample volume using both longitudinal and transverse reference images. Live 3D/4D visualization of vascular anatomy provides an ideal communication tool to facilitate clinical decisions among providers and enhance consultation with patients to help them understand their conditions.
  • EPIQ CVx/CVxi is available in selected countries. Please consult your Philips representative for further details.
  • **Pending 510K approval - not available in USA