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Continuous Temperature

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Philips temperature module provides continuous body temperature readings from virtually any site.

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Features of the temperature module

• Range of sites, including skin, rectal, nasal, esophageal, arterial, and venous • Temperature range from -1°C to 45°C • Alarm increments as small as 0.1°C • Numeric and trend views • Site labels clearly displayed on the patient monitor • Tracking for up to four channels of temperatures • Choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius scale on IntelliVue patient monitors • Wide variety of compatible probes and catheters
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Full range of probes available

Philips reusable and disposable probes are available for measuring surface and core body temperature. Also available are Philips Foley catheters with temperature sensors for continuous monitoring inside the urinary tract.
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Temperature module compatibility

• IntelliVue MP90 • IntelliVue MP60 und MP70 • IntelliVue MP40 und MP50