Multi Modality Advanced Vessel Analysis (AVA)

Comprehensive vascular analysis planning

Designed to examine and quantify different types of vascular lesions from CTA and MRA scans. It accommodates different modes of inspection, allows labeling different vascular lesions, and helps navigating through multiple findings.

Demonstrated to reduce the post-processing time by 50% when compared to manual Head & Neck CT angiography (CTA) analysis*.

advanced vessel analysis thumbnail


  • Ability to choose which Head & Neck Bone Removal method to be used (Standard vs. Smooth).
  • Customizable Volume rendering “smoothness” for the 3D Head & Neck vascular structure using a smoothness control.

* Ardley N et al. Efficacy of a new post processing workflow for CTA head and neck. ECR 2013 / C-1760.

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