Experience solutions

Transforming the care experience for patients,
families and providers

See how we helped transform the patient experience at the Broward Infusion Center.

Healthcare excellence extends beyond clinical expertise and technology to the entire patient experience.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of experience consulting services and Ambient Experience room solutions, backed by research, to help transform the care environment into a comfortable and calming setting for patients and an efficient and motivating workspace for staff.

These custom, people-focused solutions help set hospitals apart from their competitors – improving their ability to attract and retain patients as well as talented professionals.


Learn more about our experience consulting services and our Ambient Experience room solutions.

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Our experience solutions offerings

Experience Consulting

Enhance the patient experience, improve staff satisfaction and streamline the efficiency of your care delivery.


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Ambient Experience room solutions

Transforming healthcare into human care, with dynamic light, projection and sound to bring comfort to patients.


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  • Storage Solutions

    Storage Solutions

    Philips' Ambient Experience Storage Solutions are designed to help ensure a neat, organized workspace.

  • KittenScanner


    Philips' Ambient Experience KittenScanner provides a fun opportunity for kids to learn what a scan is all about.