Philips Capital

Philips Capital

Healthcare financing solutions dedicated to bringing your vision to life

Innovative financing solutions for healthcare providers and channel partners, helping you obtain the technology and services needed to improve patient lives, balance costs and achieve your goals.

  • Customize financing terms and repayment plans to help ROI
  • Reduce the amount of capital expenditure while keeping flexibility to make changes in technology investment
  • Improve cash flows and optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Healthtech Leases

Key benefits of financing your medical technology

We have a global network of banking and financial institutions to help us design our solutions to address your key healthcare challenges:

  • Improve cash flow

Meet capital constraints and improve cash flow for use in daily operations by leveraging diverse funding sources

  • Optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Optimize your TCO to make innovative medical technology affordable and attainable

  • Respond quickly to change

Gain agility to rapidly changing patient demands and market dynamics by financing your technology over time

Our leading healthcare financing solutions


Access the latest Philips health technology while conserving cash with Leases. Ideal if you want the most up-to-date technology and payment flexibility within a limited capital budget.

Extended Payment Terms

Acquire Philips health technology and spread repayments over a longer period to improve cash flow, bringing expenses on medical equipment in line with patient revenues.

Channel Partner Finance

Free up short-term working capital, increase your buying capacity and grow your business as a Philips Channel Partner.

Healthtech financed

What’s financed  

All Philips Healthtech can be financed

To meet your specific needs, we offer tailored healthcare financing services across Philips entire portfolio of medical equipment, services and IT solutions.

Export credit agency
Public private partnership
Project finance

More advanced financing solutions  

Our advanced financing services are designed to address your specific requirements and situation.

Access hard currency financing to acquire Philips Healthtech solutions without impacting your bank limits with Export Credit Agency (ECA)

  • Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Expand care delivery to quality care and improve patient outcomes for a region or country with Public Private Partnership (PPP)

  • Project Finance

Manage financial risks and complexity of large-scale healthcare infrastructure projects with our global expertise in Project Finance

Financing solutions for your healthcare transformation journey

Curious to learn about how to cost-effectively implement new telehealth models and digital workflows, improve clinical and operational value of your lifecycle investments as well as improve your environmental performance and sustainable healthcare? Embark on your healthcare transformation journey with innovative financing!

Why finance

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Why finance

Your partner in innovative financing solutions

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Partner with purpose

Partner with purpose

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Philips capital presentation

Philips Capital Healthcare Financing presentation

Learn about innovative financing solutions that can help you confidently move your healthcare forward.

Philips capital infographic two

Philips Capital Healthcare Financing infographic

About Philips Capital  

Together we can bring your care vision to life

Unlike conventional financing institutions, Philips Capital not only understands your financing constraints, we also have an in-depth understanding of medical technology and the latest trends and developments in healthcare practices. Over 130 years of experience in the healthcare industry enables us to translate your goals into relevant financing solutions. We have provided financing support for large and small medical institutions, regional and national health systems, as well as for our channel partners.

Our key partnerships across the globe

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