Insightful planning and guidance for Structural Heart Disease Procedures

Increase confidence and ease during transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) and other challenging SHD procedures. The immersive user experience is highly automated to simplify planning, device selection and projection angle selection. During procedures, it provides live image guidance to support device positioning.

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Automatic segmentation of tissue, anatomical structures, landmarks, calcium, anatomical planes and viewing angles within the cardiac CT data for TAVI/TAVR
Automatic distance, diameter, area and perimeter measurements for TAVI/TAVR
Automatic Free centerline measurement along the ascending aorta for TAVI/TAVR
Segmentation, measurements and viewing angles for other SHD procedures, e.g. mitral valve replacement and left atrial appendage closure
Up to date virtual device library for TAVI/TAVR procedures
Report with all relevant measurements, optimal viewing angles and selected device as print for use in exam room or stored on the PACS.
Live guidance with CT overlay and automatic optimal viewing angles
Highly automated intuitive workflow
Enhanced anatomy visualization