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Perform spine procedures with confidence and precision


Virtual experience

6-9 October 2020


Virtual experience

6-9 October 2020

    Breakthroughs that enhance confidence and precision in spinal surgery


    All our innovations are developed in partnership with physicians, placing patient care and clinical excellence at their heart. It is our contact with surgeons, at meetings such as EUROSPINE, that drive our innovation forward. In these distanced times, we value that virtual contact all the more.


    It is therefore our pleasure to show you the next generation of Philips Spine suite as well as other innovations within our fixed and mobile imaging platforms at the Virtual EUROSPINE 2020 congress.


    At this year’s EUROSPINE, we announce the latest clinical findings of our exciting breakthrough technology Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation2. Hear directly from physicians working with it.


    We look forward to hosting you at one of our sessions, and hope that your time at the Virtual EUROSPINE 2020 congress gives you the insights you need to drive your clinical practice forward.

    Meet the Expert session

    Dr. P. Scarone

    In this expert session, Dr. P. Scarone, from the University of Southern Switzerland, Lugano will share his experiences on Surgical workflow of minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion using augmented reality surgical navigation.


    Dr. Scarone will talk about the benefits of this new navigation solution in his Hybrid operating room.

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    Thursday October 8

    Scientific talks

    Discover scientific insights and walk through procedures that use Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation
    Dr. Elmi-Terander

    Dr. A. Elmi-Terander MD PhD at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden


    Will share the findings of using Frameless Patient tracking with Augmented Reality surgical navigation in spine surgery 


    Scientific session: Adult deformity (whole spine), new techniques, complications, number 53​

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    Thursday October 8

    Prof. Dr. Y.P. Charles

    Prof. Dr. Y. P. Charles at Departments of Spine Surgery and Interventional Radiology, University of Strasbourg, France 


    Will talk about the clinical results for minimally Invasive transformational lumbar interbody fusion using Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation for percutaneous pedicle screw placement.


    Quick Fire presentation QF72

    Join a live demo to discover our latest solutions of fixed and mobile imaging platforms

    Book your demo for: Spine suite with Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation or Zenition Mobile C-arm

    Philips image-guided therapy platform – Azurion with FlexArm

    Create a Hybrid OR that provides unlimited imaging flexibility for diverse procedures and exceptional positioning freedom for medical teams with the Azurion 7 and the next generation 20” Flat Detector, combined with the ceiling-mounted FlexArm option. You get a highly cost-effective environment that is ready for the procedures of the future.


    Watch the video to see how FlexArm can help you avoid moving the table during ​pre- operative imaging and spine surgery.

    Flexarm video
    Eurospine brochure

    Want to know more about our Spine suite solution?

    Philips platforms and products for image-guided spinal surgery

    Hybrid OR solutions featuring FlexMove
    Meet Azurion ​with FlexMove​
    Give your clinical teams more room to work on minimally invasive surgery with the Azurion 7 C20 with FlexMove.
    Integrated OR table
    Integrated OR table
    Seamlessly integrated OR table with mutual controls operating both the OR table and the C-arm.
    SmartCT image
    Cone-beam CT (SmartCT1) for greater insights
    Get better insights into spinal anatomy to support precise planning and guide effective implant placement. ​
    XperGuide image
    XperGuide, live 3D needle guidance
    Overlays live fluoroscopy and 3D soft tissue imaging data from previously-acquired CT or MR scans or cone-beam CT, providing information on the needle path and target.
    Zenition 70
    Zenition 70
    Experience exceptional imaging clarity and flexibility for performing a wide variety of cases with our fourth generation Flat Detector systems. 
    Zenition 50
    Zenition 50
    Point-and-shoot simplicity and reliable uptime make the Zenition 50 mobile C-arm with image intensifier the ideal systems for intensive use in interventions and surgeries. 

    How can a Hybrid OR improve minimally invasive spine surgery?

    As physicians perform more minimally invasive spine surgery procedures, many are working in a Hybrid Operating Room (OR). The Orthopedic and Emergency Surgery team at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) explains the benefits they have experienced over the past three years of performing minimally invasive spine surgery in Philips Hybrid OR.
    Prof. Dr. A. Seekamp, Director of the Orthopedic and Emergency Surgery clinic of the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, shares his experiences.
    Andreas Seekamp, MD

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    1. SmartCT is not available in the United States. This material can not be distributed in the United States.
    2. Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation is not for the US audience. 510(k) pending / not available for sale in USA.

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