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eCAC program

Telehealth program for chronic ambulatory care

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Empower chronic patients with better self-care approaches

The eCAC ambulatory telehealth program gives care teams the capability to monitor and coach high-risk chronic patients, helping them improve their ability to manage their own condition. Guidelines-based care plans are tailored for the unique needs of each patient, delivering a personalized experience for patients while enabling care teams to scale their efforts.

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Philips telehealth programs with remote patient monitoring allow patients to track their vital signs from their homes and enables clinicians to make timelier care decisions.

eCAC program features and services


The eCAC program combines clinical software and in-home technology that improve outcomes by fostering behavioral change. Customized care plans allow clinicians to set thresholds on incoming vital signs and survey replies, and send educational content to help empower patients to self-care.

Patient participation and engagement


With the eCAC program, patients with chronic conditions have the professional support and resources they need to stay healthier out of the hospital. The following tools help keep patients in close contact with their care teams, and help them better understand and manage their own health.

  • Daily health status surveys for subjective monitoring
  • Customizable intervention rules and thresholds for vital measurements 
  • Personal messages from care team members
  • Disease-specific educational content, including video, quizzes and tips for improving lifestyle behaviors 

Behavioral science foundation¹


Extensive research on the lifestyle and communication habits of different patient demographics is built into the eCAC program along with input from behavioral scientists on patient motivations and health behaviors. This holistic approach to program design helps provide that patients receive personalized subject-matter and effective, confidence-boosting self-care strategies.

Clinical support and training


The eCAC program includes comprehensive support and training resources, including patient selection criteria setting; patient stratification tools, including surveys on medication compliance, nutrition and depression; and reporting for program administrators and physicians.

Patient education support


Audiovisual patient education programs leverage video and tablet technology to increase health literacy for patient populations. The use of less technical language combined with an interactive approach helps improve patient knowledge, self-care abilities and confidence; which can lead to behavioral changes that make a difference in health and quality of life.

Technology-powered communication


Using two-way live video, clinicians can connect with and assess patients more accurately. This face-to-face interaction is designed to foster care plan compliance and help enhance diagnosis by providing immediate access to patient feedback. In addition, two-way video is designed to build patient self-care skill.

Implementation services


Our multi-disciplinary team of clinical and technical professionals delivers a range of services for program design and resource planning.

Real-world results

Compared to traditional care, telemonitoring:


  • reduces hospital admissions and readmissions,²
  • reduces length of hospital stay,²
  • reduces emergency department visits,²
  • reduces mortality,²
  • lowers cost,²
  • prevents and/or limits illness severity and episodes, resulting in improved health outcomes², and
  • increases quality-of-life and patient satisfaction through daily monitoring².

Telehealth is critically important to serve this large rural geographic area and provide access to home care and hospice. We know having the telehealth nurse work daily with high-risk patients enables us to reduce the frequency of trips to the home.” 

-Lisa Harvey-McPherson, RN, Vice President of

Continuum of Care, Eastern Maine Health System

Enabling technologies



    To learn more about Philips enterprise telehealth programs, please call us at 1-866-554-4776 or click below.


    eCareCompanion patient app  

    To learn more about Philips enterprise telehealth programs, please call us at 1-866-554-4776 or click below.

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Connected, patient-centered care 



  1. Debra Lieberman, Ph.D., Consultant, Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Home Telehealth Educational Videos Users’ Health Behaviors,(2015)
  2. Bashshur RL, et al. The Empirical Foundations of Telemedicine Interventions for Chronic Disease Management. Telemed and e-Health. 2014 Sept; 20(9):769-800.

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