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Our MRI in-bore experience is specifically designed to enhance patient cooperation and workflow, and deliver an experience that elevates patient comfort.



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If you choose the in-bore experience, you can offer your patients something that they never expected from an imaging study. You can create an atmosphere that transports them out of the imaging suite and into a relaxing environment of their choice. Through an immersive video experience that distracts and entertains patients while they are in the bore, you can enhance patient cooperation and workflow, and deliver an experience that elevates patient comfort.

When your patients have a positive scanning experience, you benefit from a 
reputation as a patient-friendly MRI provider.

patient friendly

Empowering the patient

empowering the patient article head

In today’s competitive marketplace, patients often shop around for the facility they hope will provide the most attentive care. The MRI in-bore experience helps to deliver by marrying excellent image quality with an engaging environment.

From the moment a patient is moved into the scanner (the point at which people report the most anxiety), through completion of the scan, this Philips solution can help patients to relax and hold still.

Three innovative elements, the visual experience, comforting guidance, and reduced noise have been combined to support patient satisfaction and compliance. If the MRI exam becomes easier for the patient, it can lead to workflow efficiencies for you.

Immersive visual experience

Patients personalize their experience by selecting a video theme. The video is projected onto the wall and viewed while in-bore via an easy-to-position mirror. Combined with sound (through comfortable headphones), the experience becomes truly immersive.

Attentive patient guidance

AutoVoice gently guides patients through breath holds, announces table movements, and indicates scan duration. Automated instructions are available in a variety of different languages. You may compliment these by creating your own set of personalized voice recordings.

Acoustic noise reduction

For many patients, gradient noise is one of the most uncomfortable parts of an MRI exam. ComforTone automatically provides up to 80% noise reduction within the same time and virtually the same IQ and contrast¹. ComforTone ExamCards will be available for routine exams (Brain, Spine, MSK) including the reference scans.

An uncomfortable patient is likely to move and cause artifacts in MR images, so that a scan needs to be repeated. Our attention to the patient experience is also meant to benefit image quality and even efficiency.”

— Michel Christian Nèmery, MD, Neuroradiologist & Chairman
of Department of Radiology Herlev Gentofte University
Hospital Copenhagen, Denmark

Take a look at just how exciting and engaging the in-bore experience can be for your MRI patients. You may experience productivity and workflow improvements too.

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Productivity gains

productivity gains

In a busy department, your staff has less and less time to spend per patient. Access to tools and techniques that assist with an increasing workload can help. Our MRI in-bore experience is just that kind of solution.

Patient/staff satisfaction

A calming, comfortable patient experience can lead to a smoother exam and increased patient satisfaction. When exams go smoothly your staff is satisfied and may be more engaged. Each contributes to your institution’s positive economic wellbeing.

patient staff satisfaction

Built-in performance enhancements

built in performance test

In addition to the in-bore experience, our portfolio of MRI systems boasts a broad array of patient-centric features to support your first-time-right imaging results.

∙ iPatient – With iPatient you control the workflow from patient setup, to planning the scan, to image processing

∙ dS SENSE – Experience exceptional speed performance² for superb image quality, reduced image distortion, and shorter breath hold/scan times

∙ Patient conforming coils – A posterior coil integrated right into the table is all you need for many of your routine exams

∙ 70 cm bore – The bigger bore accommodates a wide variety of patient types

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