Integrated Diagnostics

Illuminate a new path to precision care.

Empowering the people behind the data.


Our vision goes beyond imaging and beyond your enterprise, to empower the people behind the data. Interoperable digital capabilities help facilitate and streamline medical practices by supporting precise diagnoses, interdepartmental collaboration and automation of clinical insights.;

With shared decision-making and pathway selection, your staff can deliver a precise diagnosis – to help make pivotal decisions throughout the patient journey, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately lead to greater quality care.

Enable secure access system-wide from single institution to broader cross-hospital networks and enterprises.


No more silos. With access to fully interoperable data, departments, institutions and enterprises are all united through shared architecture, stringent cybersecurity measures, and simple serviceability. A shared back-end architecture fully integrates clinical imaging, workflow, and reporting infrastructure.

Engage in greater quality of care by integrating data into meaningful insights.


Time is precious. Even though you may not be on the front lines of care, when you streamline the care delivery process, you allow your clinicians to spend less time managing systems and more time providing precision care. Having access to immense volume of data to flow through each day needs not only time, but also a better way of cutting through that deluge of information.

Establish streamlined workflows to enhance workforce efficiency.


A single sign-on across products for institutional workforce efficiency unlocks a new level of efficiency so that clinicians have no need to no juggle between multiple login URLs, users save steps per login and less passwords to remember.

Philips Diagnostic Informatics

Demonstrated results beyond imaging and beyond enterprise

1-2 minutes saved per patient
Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario, integrated clinical and radiology data, including historical data, into an integrated, collaborative diagnostic workspace that enhances the full clinical and operational potential throughout the enterprise, gaining access to 70+ applications across multiple domains.

50% increase in reading productivity
Campus Biomedico University Hospital, reduced productivity due to the allocation of the exam to the right professional. Combining orchestration, reporting and imaging interpretation in an all-in-one,fully integrated enterprise imaging platform and embedded in the diagnostic viewer, the solution can bring all the issues of multi-location reporting into harmony.

40% reduction in average reporting time
Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital estimates that, after the implementation of the solution there was reduction in the standard deviation among radiologists from 3,5 days to 2,1 days, reducing the TAT of 40%.

Products and solutions for Diagnostic Informatics​


Discover our user-friendly, clinically proven portfolio of integrated diagnostic informatics solutions. By combining diagnostic imaging expertise with enterprise-level informatics strength, Diagnostic Informatics Suite from Philips enables simple and secure data integration among specialties – like radiology, pathology, cardiology, and oncology – and between institutions.

Prof posing to the camera

"Efficient workflows mean limiting movement. Today, we expect patients to walk from location to location in order to get the services they need. There are many redundancies built into today’s programs – one application doesn’t handle all the services that are provided, so you’re forcing clinical teams and operational teams to access multiple applications in order to do just one job. There are many steps that can be eliminated."

Leo R. Bodden​

VP & Chief Technology Officer, New York Presbyterian Hospital, United States.

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Customer story

Partnering to improve
personalized cancer care through digital pathology

Digital pathology data and imaging data helps support an integrated diagnosis, supporting clinical decision-making and improving patient care. Learn how Philips partners with Saint-Joseph Hospital & Marie-Lannelongue Hospital to improve personalized cancer

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Moving from an enterprise imaging strategy to a data integration strategy.​

For image data to reach its full potential in contributing to an enterprise’s data lake, and thus to patient care, a data integration strategy must fulfill three goals.

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The top five things to look for in an enterprise informatics partner

Developing an effective enterprise imaging strategy is often easier said than done. How do you choose a partner who can help you accomplish this? Here are five points to consider when choosing an enterprise informatics partner to focus on providing access to any type of medical image, anywhere, at any time by anyone across the continuum of care in healthcare systems.

DIAM: A strategic roadmap to digital imaging maturity

The HIMSS Analytics Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM) is an eight stage (0-7) model that provides guidance for imaging and IT experts to identify and adopt the right digital strategy and improve health outcomes for patients. Our consultants will be happy to conduct a DIAM assessment to start your transformation, so together, we can illuminate a new path to precision care.

Integrated diagnostics landscape: from fragmentation to collaboration, meaningful insights, and lower operating costs

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