MR 7700
New MR product is in the operation room
MR 7700

3T precision imaging and XP gradients.

Meet seamless multi-nuclei integration.
    Accuracy power and endurance video

    Accuracy, power and endurance

    The MR 7700 3T MRI scanner with XP gradients and artificial intelligence (AI)1 empowers you to deliver an unmatched level of clinical performance and tackle complex research programs. Combining imaging excellence with multi-nuclei integration, the system facilitates advanced workflows that accelerate exams and improve patient-centered productivity.
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    Register for our MR7700 launch event in Vienna on 14th July, taking place alongside ECR 2022. You’ll get to hear from Philips experts and customers already using the MR7700. Be among the first to hear from your peers about their experience of MR7700 as they talk you through real life cases.


    Places are filling fast – register your interest today.

    Unmatched performance and precision

    TE 69 TE 47
    Enhanced diffusion IQ
    The system of choice for the highest quality diffusion MRI imaging
    – for all anatomies.
    • Up to 35% higher signal2
    • Up to 35% faster scan time3
    TR 875 TR 676
    Excel in neuroscience
    High performance gradients to advance research programs
    – empowering the search for new clinical pathways.
    • 20% more fMRI sequences, with the same spatial resolution3
    • 50% more DTI directions, in the same scan time4
    Philips Multi Nuclei Imaging 3T MR
    Multi-nuclei integration
    Start to explore new imaging pathways by adding multi-nuclei studies into your day-to-day workflow.
    • Six different nuclei5
    • Across all anatomies
    • Acquisition of proton and other nuclei, without switching MRI coils

    Hear from your peers

    Watch our ISMRM Symposia, now available
    to view on-demand

    Watch our ISMRM Symposia

    Now available to view on demand

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    Find out how you can achieve  accuracy, power and endurance in MRI thanks to our XP gradient system.

    Specialist preparing patient for MRI

    A no-compromise approach

    Thanks to innovative imaging solutions, the system supports confident decision-making and improved diagnostic imaging – even for the most complex cases.

    Transform your workflow

    Render of the SmartWorkflow solution

    A positive staff experience

    Workflow efficiencies keep your exams on schedule and create a positive staff experience. The system supports throughput for your research studies, without disrupting your day-to-day clinical schedule.
    Specialist looking at clinical images on monitor

    Accelerate exams

    Accelerate your clinical scans while maintaining virtually equal image quality. Reduce your scan time in diffusion weighted protocols and accelerate your fMRI studies, gathering more rich data input for fMRI analysis.
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    Get the whole story

    The MR 7700 delivers unmatched performance and precision for research and advanced clinical diagnostics.
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    MR 7700 brochure

    MR 7700 brochure

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    1. According to the definition of AI from the EU High- Level Expert Group

    2. For EPI diffusion, compared to Ingenia Elition X with Vega HP gradients, measured in brain white matter.

    3. Compared to Ingenia Elition X with Vega HP gradients.

    4. Compared to Philips DTI scans without MultiBand SENSE.

    5. Caution: Investigational device for imaging with fluorine (19F) and xenon (129Xe). Limited by federal (or United States) law to investigational use. Clinical imaging with these nuclei requires usage of a cleared drug. No FDA-cleared drugs are currently available for these nuclei.

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