Reviewing spectral images

It's not just CT.
It's spectral-detector CT.

Experience the simplicity of spectral-detector CT

    Zero compromise

    With detector-based spectral, you acquire multiple layers of data—conventional and spectral—within a single exposure and without special scan modes for improved tissue characterization and visualization.

    Learn more about detector-based spectral at the Learning Center.
    Conventional CT Spectral CT

    It's not just CT, it's...

    Single scan needed

    Scan as usual

    A single scan for fast, low-dose conventional and spectral data for every patient, every time.

    Spectral always available

    Always available

    100% spectral, 100% of the time for results that are always available on-demand, even retrospectively.

    Reduced follow-up exams

    Reduced follow-up exams

    Improved tissue characterization and visualization may reduce the need for follow-up scanning for sub-optimal exams and incidental findings.

    Wide range of patient types

    Across patient types

    Benefits a wide range of patient types from pediatric to bariatric.

    Can you solve the mystery diagnosis using spectral?

    Go beyond conventional CT. See how layers of spectral-detector results can enhance your diagnostic confidence.

    Chest for PE
    Left atrial appendage
    Abdomen pelvis
    Pediatric abdomen
    Neck mass

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    Spectral CT

    It’s not just CT. 
    It’s spectral results without compromise.

    Experience the simplicity of spectral-detector CT.

    Learn more about spectral-detector CT

    Spectral vs conventional
    See the difference between spectral-detector CT and conventional CT
    Spectral-detector whitepaper
    Learn about the advantages of spectral-detector CT
    Spectral CT image
    Re-experience the Philips 2020 spectral CT virtual summit
    CT image analysis
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