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While working with healthcare providers around the world, we discovered that the answers to many of the challenges and opportunities faced by the healthcare system such as the need to reduce waiting times, improve staff and patient experience and support a smooth digital transition all lie within healthcare operations management.

Healthcare providers can benefit from long-term strategic partnerships that can help them unravel the operational complexity, plan for risks and opportunities, and pave the way to sustainable and cost-effective operational excellence with continuous improvements.

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Philips healthcare partners with you and brings a wealth of knowledge and years of expertise that can help you realize end-to-end operational excellence across your organization.

By building personal relationships, augmented by our strategic vision, medical technology innovation, deep clinical know-how, and advanced machine data analytics, we can help improve your organization's key performance indicators (KPIs), including clinical, operational, financial, and patient/staff satisfaction goals.

Operational excellence highlight

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A people powered approach to operations

Discover how the personal relationships and behaviours at MacKenzie Health have been as key to success as the latest technology.

Why this is just the start of a new way of thinking and working that can be used by other hospitals.

Importance of operations management in healthcare

Excellence in healthcare has long been associated with three main areas of expertise:

  • Clinical care
  • Leadership performance
  • Operations, with operations being the most overlooked area.

And yet, in a time when well over half of all hospitals are facing staffing, funding and connectivity challenges, unlocking operational excellence is a unique opportunity for value creation.

Innovative operations management integrates quantitative and qualitative aspects of management to enable hospitals and health systems to understand and improve labor productivity and satisfaction, reduce waiting lines, shorten cycle times and generally improve the patient’s overall experience.

All of which helps improve the organization’s financial health by impacting both the top and bottom line. In short, change the operating model from a way of working to a way of winning.

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Let our people and partnerships inspire and inform you. Expertise and experience shared from healthcare providers who are working daily and new ways to unlock operational value.

Responsible business

Featured article

Healthcare as a ‘responsible business’

Learn how to balance the clinical with the commercial to deliver better care.

In this game-changing article, Dawn Bruce, Philips Services & Solutions Delivery Leader, Canada explains why breaking down negative perceptions of business in healthcare and adopting new ‘responsible’ business practices has the potential to positively transform ‘blocked’ and ‘stuck’ aspects of hospital operations.

Growth mindset

Unlocking a growth mindset

Explore how and why a new mindset for healthcare might be the missing factor in achieving the Quadruple Aim in healthcare.

Operational efficiency

Fast track operational efficiencies

Discover how an innovated approach to governance can fast track operational efficiencies and create trusted, strategic partnerships.

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See how we have partnered and co-created with healthcare organization like yours to adapt, grow and transform in the constantly changing healthcare landscape.

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Philips Services & Solutions is your trusted partner for enterprise-wide operational excellence.

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Philips Managed Services

In our Philips Managed Services Partnerships, we work with customers to get the maximum out of their technology investments by helping drive operational efficiencies and identify opportunities to improve workflows, scheduling processes, resource management, staff and system utilization while decreasing exam times.

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Maintenance Services

Future forward, tailor-made service agreements that help keep your equipment healthy and up and running.

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Upgrading Services

Boost your clinical capabilities and the performance of your equipment via software and hardware upgrades.

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Education Services

Unlock the full potential of your staff, technology, and organization through innovative, meaningful, and evidence-based healthcare education.

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Financing Services

Tailored financing solutions to help you manage your budgets, stay technologically current and provide the best care possible to your patients.

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