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Innovations – Minicare Home remote patient status monitoring

Home monitoring service for patients undergoing chemotherapy

A large number of patients with cancer receive chemotherapy, and around 10.5%* will experience complications that lead to emergency admissions. Monitoring high-risk patients at home may help you more quickly identify potential indications of adverse events. The Philips Minicare Home remote monitoring service gives oncologists regular access to white blood cell counts, temperature readings, and specific health assessment results. This may improve the safety and care of your patients on chemotherapy while they recover at home.

Transforming the way chemotherapy patients are supported at home


Philips recognizes the desire of Healthcare Professionals to remain optimally aware of patients’ health while they are recovering from chemotherapy at home. Early identification of adverse effects can lead to timely and potentially life-saving interventions. Monitoring patient status between doses of chemotherapy may also reduce the risk of calling patients in for treatment when they are insufficiently recovered from the previous cycle. In summary, regular monitoring may help improve patient care, patient quality of life and hospital efficiency.


Assessing a patient’s condition when they are not in the hospital is a significant challenge. We understand that patients may find it difficult to separate expected effects of the chemotherapy from the symptoms of serious adverse effects. For this reason, Philips has developed Minicare Home, an end-to-end patient monitoring service. It empowers patients to be actively involved in the remote monitoring of their well-being at home. Information about their well-being is sent back to the hospital, to provide additional help in assessment of patient status. The patient’s self-test information ensures that you don’t miss key symptoms, so you can intervene in a timely manner.

The Minicare Home system is intuitive and easy to use. Philips will deliver the equipment needed for home monitoring directly to your patient, including patient training in the comfort of their own home.

A simple self-test empowers patients to be involved in monitoring their symptoms, enabling quick, reassuring feedback and early detection of progression towards adverse effects.

A complete service designed around the patient


Philips Minicare Home is part of the larger Minicare family of in vitro diagnostics products, providing medical professionals with real-time patient information. The Minicare Home monitoring service is designed around the patient, and is intuitive and easy to use. Care is taken that the patient receives training to perform the self-test. Results are securely transferred to the clinical care team. These results include total white blood cell count (WBC), granulocyte count (GRN), hemoglobin (Hgb), body temperature and answers to any personalized health questions you set.


Minicare Home is provided as a service, for maximum efficiency. After an oncologist registers a patient for the service, Philips sends the device to the patient at a convenient date and provides any required assistance with setup and full training. The system remains with the patient for as long as required by the healthcare provider, sending real-time information to the care team. When treatment is concluded, Philips arranges to collect the system from the patient’s home. Philips will then remove any patient data (name, date of birth, age) from the system and prepare it for the next patient.

This short video explains Minicare Home to patients, showing them how it works and what the benefits are for their care and peace of mind.

Improving patient care and peace of mind


Chemotherapy is a stressful time for patients, and their justifiable worries about their prognosis can make it difficult for them to objectively give feedback about all significant factors relating to their current health status. Minicare Home has been designed to help patients collaborate with their healthcare team regularly. This way, patients may feel less isolated.

minicare nurses discuss patient health status LM

Nurses discussing patient status, aided by information gathered through the Minicare Home monitoring system.

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Written by:

Hans Driessen

Senior Communications Manager, Philips Home Clinical Monitoring

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* Reference: Hassett et al. J Natl Cancer Inst 2006;98: 1108 – 17

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