Philips & Stille Vascular surgery table

Philips & Stille

Vascular surgery table

מצא מוצרים דומים

We’ve paired our Veradius mobile C-arm system with the state-of-the-art Stille ImagiQ2 low dose surgical imaging table for total control, freedom of movement, and high table translucency during vascular procedures.

Free Float® technology*
Fast, smooth movements in any direction

Fast, smooth movements in any direction

The Stille ImagiQ2's True Free Float technology has fast, smooth and accurate movements (in any direction). When managing both table and C-arm without a tech, you'll experience confidence control. *Patent pending
Freedom of movement
Flexible geometry parameters

Flexible geometry parameters

Enjoy freedom of movement with industry leading table capabilities. Smoothly move where needed with the longest published longitudinal and lateral float for mobile tables. Maximize your imaging area with best-in-class diagonal float. Go the distance for full body imaging with the exceptional translucent length.
Low dose enabler
Low dose enabler

Low dose enabler

With the highest translucency on the market, the ImagiQ2 table is helping to set new low dose standards. The 0.4 mm aluminum equivalent allows exceptional dose management. Combine this with enhanced C-arm access (Veradius systems) for exceptionally high image quality and low dose exposure.
Superb ergonomics with Veradius
Superb ergonomics with Veradius

Superb ergonomics with Veradius

The ImagiQ2 table optimizes the use of the Veradius Unity SID. Table wheels disappear inside the wheelbase (parking function), offering an ergonomical work height (min 28"/71 cm). In combination the tube can go very low and the flat detector can come closer to patient than with any larger SID, enabling less scatter radiation.
Workflow efficiencies
Workflow efficiencies

Workflow efficiencies

Veradius Unity C-arm ease-of-use improves workflow efficiency. In an independent study,* it was shown to reduce miscommunication by 45%, increase first-time-right repositioning from 49% to 94% and greatly lessen frustration for physicians and operators.
System compatibility
System compatibility

System compatibility

The Stille ImagiQ2 low dose surgical imaging table is available with the Philips Veradius Unity, Veradius Neo, and BV Pulsera mobile C-arm systems. The Philips/Stille collaboration offers you the benefits of cutting-edge technology and the ability to quickly prepare for any OR challenge.

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AC power: 100-250 Volts
  • Direct AC power
  • Battery DC power
Float and lock
  • STILLE True Free Float™ and STILLE quick-lock system
Translucent length
  • 77.17” / 196 cm with headrest (66.6” / 169.2 cm without headrest)
Patient weight
  • 496 lb / 225 kg and 661 lb
  • 300 kg (with load upgrade pack)
Lateral roll
  • ±15°
Float (longitudinal, lateral, diagonal)
  • 36” x 10” x 36.8”
  • 90 cm x 25 cm x 93.4 cm
Exchangeable table top
  • Yes, future-proof platform for extended use - allowing transportation
  • ±25°
Table top length, width
  • L= 90.5” / 230 cm
  • W= 21.6” / 55 cm
Translucent table top
  • Proprietary, patent pending carbon fiber structure. Al 0.4 mm
Wheels and steering
  • 4 swiveling back wheels (mobility upgrade available)
Side rails
  • Fixed along 2/3 of the table top
Transport handle
  • Yes (color: dark grey for 225-kg version, silver for 300-kg version)
Operation conditions
  • 100% continuous
Length, width, height
  • L= 92” / 234 cm
  • W= 30.3” / 77.2 cm
  • H= 28”- 43” / 71-109 cm
Philips Veradius Unity
Philips Veradius Unity
Pixel pitch
  • 184 μm
  • WLAN (option)
X-ray generation
  • Monoblock 80 kHz high frequency generator
Source image distance
  • 99.3 cm /39 inch
Dynamic Range
  • 96 dB (16 bit)
X-ray tube
  • Rotating anode tube
Maximum power/ generator power
  • 25 kW / 15kW
Active Detector Area
  • 26.2 x 26.2 cm
  • 10.3 x 10.3 inch
Matrix size
  • 1560 x 1420 pixels
  • 140° rotation (+90°/-50°) offers a maximum of projection flexibility
Lowest lateral position
  • 102.7 cm /40.4 inch
  • Color coded / Fully balanced
Flat Detector
  • Trixell amorphous silicon detector
  • 73.0 cm /29 inch
  • 15.3” LCD touch screen stand monitor
Mobile View Station
  • 19” High-Brightness color monitors
  • * Results obtained during user tests performed in November 2013 by Use-Lab GmbH, an independent company. The tests involved 30 USA based clinicians (15 physicians teamed up with 15 nurses or X-ray technicians), who performed simulated procedures in a simulated OR environment. None of them had worked with a Philips C-arm or with each other before.
  • Product availability is subject to country regulatory clearance. Please contact your local sales representative to check the availability in your country.