ProTech Sensors Quality sensors for various sleep systems

ProTech Sensors

Quality sensors for various sleep systems

מצא מוצרים דומים

Our easy-to-place sensors are used in sleep testing facilities around the world, and help you meet important AASM accreditation standards. See our full line of sensors that detect respiratory airflow, respiratory effort, snoring, periodic limb movements, and sleep position.

Sensor Tester
Sensor Tester

Sensor Tester

With our sensor tester, sleep technicians can check and verify EEG electrodes and wires for continuity. Respiratory effort sensors, snore sensors, airflow sensors, and PLM sensors can be tested for output.
Thermal airflow || 1

Thermal airflow

Our thermocouples and thermistors are compatible with most major PSG systems. Variations include the ability to monitor oral/nasal separately and/or together with adult and pediatric sizes, and disposable thermocouples. Insulated tips eliminate artifact and are available in single and separate channel versions.
PTAF || 1


Our pressure transducer devices are used to monitor airflow and snore. They are designed to generate precise signals and produce an accurate flow-based snore channel.
Cannulas || 1


Pro-Flow and Pro-Flow Plus cannulas are designed for pressure transducers and provide optimal performance and comfort. With soft, narrow prongs they help provide minimal nasal resistance.
ezRIP and zRIP DuraBelt effort || 1

ezRIP and zRIP DuraBelt effort

Our affordable zRIP technology provides true breathing movement tracings with no false paradoxing and accurate signals for the detection of respiratory effort.The zRIP sensor belts have been designed for complete patient coverage and are fully washable.The zRIP modules are available in a SUM RT (breath-to-breath summation) and in a non-sum model.
Piezo effort || 1

Piezo effort

Our full line of piezo respiratory effort sensor solutions are designed to provide trouble-free, clear tracings of respiratory effort. Available in pediatric small, pediatric, and adult sizes.
Snore sensors || 1

Snore sensors

Select from two snore sensing options: piezo sensors and microphones. Both are compatible with most PSG systems.
Body position || 1

Body position

Our easy-to-place body position sensors help facilitate the diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing.
Periodic limb || 1

Periodic limb

Our easy-to-use limb movement sensors are designed for patient comfort while detecting a patient's leg or arm movement during sleep studies.
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