eConsultant - SNF program Telehealth extended to the skilled nursing facility

eConsultant - SNF program

Telehealth extended to the skilled nursing facility

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Resource expansion

Resource expansion

Leveraging your existing telehealth infrastructure and an eCareMobile cart, a telehealth center provider is promptly available to help the staff assess the condition or situation and determine the optimal clinical intervention for patients in a SNF.
Advanced technology

Advanced technology

The eCareMobile cart is equipped with advanced two-way audiovisual technology that enables remote clinicians to evaluate patients in the SNF.
Implementation service

Implementation service

Our multi-disciplinary team of clinical and technical professionals delivers a range of services from strategic planning through systems integration and training.
Implementation services

Implementation services

Our eConsultant - SNF program includes clinical training, workshops, standardized processes and 24/7 helpdesk diagnostics, to successfully guide and potentially improve your program.

A smart approach to meeting emergent care needs

The eConsultant – SNF telehealth program connects skilled nursing facility (SNF) staff with remote clinicians. It is designed to keep patients in the SNF for evaluation and treatment and lessen the need for costly emergency transfers.
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Program features and services


The eConsultant – SNF program provides tools, software and workflow to help keep SNF patient recovery on track and costs contained, while increasing support for your SNF team.

Real-world results

During a six-month eConsultant - SNF pilot, a total of 131 calls were placed from the SNFs to the telehealth center. In the evaluation of those calls, the health system estimated in about 15 percent of those cases, an emergency department transfer was avoided.*
*Transfer avoidance is subjective analysis based on staff input.¹
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Analytics which drive evidence-based best practice

Philips eICU Research Institute (eRI) was established by Philips as a platform to advance the knowledge of critical care. The ERI database is a repository of anonymous data donated by member institutions and is instrumental in product development as well as a key enabler for critical research in the intensive care field.


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