Ultrasound AI Solutions


Ultrasound AI Solutions

Achieve intuitive, reproducible ultrasound – scan to scan, user-to user

From image acquisition to analysis, Philips ultrasound AI solutions integrate into every day clinical workflows and augment user skills. Fueled by high-quality training data sets, AI innovations reduce cognitive burden while keeping the ultimate decision responsibility with clinicians. Features such as automated image formation, acquisition, measurement and reporting drive productivity. Eliminating the need for manual view selection and visual analysis helps reduce variability between users and supports the expanded use of ultrasound.

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Echo Seamless screen capture Strain, EF, AI software application

AI-based software for the preselection and analysis of optimal apical cardiac ultrasound views

LVivo Seamless* AI-based technology is designed to “run behind the scenes” while a clinician is capturing images. LVivo Seamless runs in the background to seek and identify the effective images to use in certain applications such as Strain or EF, as needed by the user. This helps reduce the variability associated with manual view selection and visual analysis of cardiac ultrasound images.


*LVivo Seamless from DiA Imaging analysis, a Philips company, is a 510K cleared feature for Philips CV Ultrasound

Echo AI software application screen Auto EF Biplane

AI-powered automated ejection fraction (EF) calculation for objective EF analysis

LVivo EF* AI-based technology is designed to reduce variability in the calculation of EF from 4CH and/or 2CH views and biplane and improve efficiency through automation. It allows users to assess cardiac function by any clinician, with all levels of experience with qualitative assessment.

*LVivo EF from DiA Imaging analysis, a Philips company, is a feature of Philips CV Ultrasound

Echo Dynamic HeartModel screen capture software application

Cardiac 3D chamber quantifications driven by advanced automation

Dynamic HeartModel tracks every frame over the cardiac cycle using 3D speckle technology to provide a holistic view of the left heart function. Automated border detection, multi-beat selection and results average yield a more reliable  heart function evaluation than single beat in arrhythmia patients.


*Dynamic HeartModel is an advanced automation solution with anatomical intelligence, not currently certified as artificial intelligence.

Echo Auto strain screen capture image

Automation for robust, proven reproducible cardiac quantification in both 2D and 3D

Philips AutoMeasure provides fully automated 2D Doppler and length measurements. AutoStrain delivers fast reproducible 2D strain quantification for the LV, LA and RV.  Dynamic HeartModel and 3D Auto RV offer full 3D quantification for LV, LA and RV volumes and functional assessment. 3D Auto MV provides dynamic analysis of the mitral valve.

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    EPIQ CVx  

    EPIQ CVx, our premium cardiovascular ultrasound system built on our innovative, modular, industry-leading ultrasound platform, has powerful AI-based capabilities and advanced diagnostic solutions to help you transcend today's complexities and propel echocardiography into the next dimension. This enables you to achieve greater consistency, accessible innovation, smarter workflows, and easier scalability.


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