Public Signage cards

    Public Signage cards

    Easy Advertiser

    Easy-to-use standalone media advertiser card that works with our professional signage monitors to schedule media content. Together with EA Publisher you can create your own content and schedule slide shows and movies over 24 hours every day See all benefits

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Public Signage cards

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Easy Advertiser

Your perfect simple signage solution

  • Complete out of the box signage solution

    You already have your office PC with PowerPoint, you have your digital camera with a PC application for managing pictures and videos together with your Philips BDLx231Cx/00 series signage display. Now you need one extra item only to start digital signage in your shop or department for real. Easy Advertiser is a complete package consisting of a 1GByte USB stick, all cables, a bracket and a Smartcard with high-tech electronics to play content from USB that you have created with the included Easy Advertiser Publisher PC program. Install the card according to the instructions of the users manual

  • Easy to use PC application for managing content

    When creating content for advertising or corporate communications by yourself, you want to use standard tools you already have in combination with an easy to use publishing application. The Easy Advertiser Publisher is a Windows program that can import MS PowerPoint slides, JPEG photos and movies in MPEG format. The program helps you to create schedules for displaying the right content at the right time over 24 hours. The cycle is easy: create content, import content, schedule content, publish content by saving to a USB mass storage device

  • Complies with RoHS standards to care for the environment

    Philips designs and produces display products in compliance with strict Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards that restrict lead and other toxic substances that can harm the environment.

  • No internet installation and connection required

    This is a standalone and easy to install product for your public signage activities without the hassle of subscriptions and other installation activities. The product plays content from a USB mass storage device: no internet is required. You save content on your USB mass storage device via the included PC Application with your office or home PC, plug it in the card that is installed in the display and it start playing

  • Combine MS PowerPoint slides, pictures and video

    You want full creative freedom of mixing pictures from your digital camera, MS PowerPoint slides and movies (up to 720p high definition!) you have created in any order at any time. With Easy Advertiser you can mix and match for optimal impact to your audience

  • Schedule what you want, when you want

    You can freely schedule the right content at the right time divided over 24 hours to satisfy your customer information needs. Create one or more time slots with the Easy Advertiser Publisher PC application. Drag and drop the content to the appropriate time slot. Export to a USB mass storage device via this application, put the USB device in the card and your presentation starts as programmed

  • Auto standby when no schedule is active

    When there is no content scheduled for your public signage display it should be switched to standby, thus saving power for the environment and reducing your electricity bill. With the remote control you can alway overrule this state and use the display for other purposes like DVD playback

  • Get the best out of your display and show 720p HD video

    The sharpest and best looking videos make the best impression on your customers. Any good quality MPEG2 HD (high definition) 720p video exported to a USB mass storage device via your PC application will be played back crisp and clear without any hick-ups or other artifacts

  • One remote control for everything

    The remote control supplied with your display will work seemlessly with your application. Any feature, any function: you can control it

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